Adult Text Games

The website for creating and playing Adult Text Adventure games

Playing Games

Adult Text Games can be played in a couple of different ways. You can either play them online, or you can download the games and play them in an application designed for running text adventure games.

For a list of available games, visit the Adult Adventures list on the ADRIFT website. Where these games have a button next to them, you can play them online. If not, you will need to download the ADRIFT Runner here first.

Downloading the games gives you a slightly better experience, as the map is interactive - you can rotate it and move it about. When playing games online, the map is just an image. Also when playing offline, you can resize the graphics window, and place it wherever you like. You also get extra features like auto-complete, making typing easier as it predicts much of what you want to type.

Click here for an example of an online Adult Text Adventure.

Some games may contain audio and/or graphics. Here is a screenshot from Pervert Action Future by BBBen: